A ChatGPT Sales Assistant for your website!

Awesome Features

GPT Model Options

Choose the GPT model that best fits your needs. Whether it's the extensive knowledge of GPT-3 or the upgraded capabilities of GPT-4, you can select the perfect model to power your AI chatbot. Drive engaging and meaningful conversations with your preferred GPT model.

Custom Prompts

Tailor your customer's journey with the power of custom prompts. Guide interactions in a direction that serves your goals, be it user onboarding, sales, customer service, or gathering feedback. Your conversation, your control.

Quick Replies

Ensure swift and efficient customer interaction with our Quick Replies feature. Offer your users a set of predefined responses to choose from, simplifying communication, and increasing response rates. Streamline customer service like never before.

Leads Capture

Turn your conversations into conversions. Chatabot.ai's Leads Capture feature allows you to collect valuable customer information during the chat interaction. Turn every conversation into a potential sales opportunity and never miss out on a potential lead.

Unlimited Bots

With Chatabot.ai, the potential for conversation is limitless. No matter your requirements, whether you require a single bot or an entire army of AI assistants, Chatabot.ai has you covered. Create as many bots as you need to cater to every facet of your business.

Design Choices

Brand consistency is essential, and with Chatabot.ai, your bots don't have to feel out of place. Customize the look and feel of your bots by choosing from our vast selection of themes, ensuring seamless integration with your existing brand identity.

Geo Based

With the Geo fencing options, you can choose the countries where you want the bot to show, or create separate bots with unique prompts for the different regions.

Secure by design

Chatabot was built with a focus on security to prevent unauthorized exploitation and to save tokens, providing you with a sense of assurance against wastage.

Enjoy a free 7-day trial

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$49 per month

Suited for Personal websites. Capture 500 Leads per Month

  • GPT 3.5 Turbo 3000000
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Business Pro

$99 per month

Suited for Business websites. Capture 1000 Leads per Month

  • GPT 3.5 Turbo 12000000
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Enterprise plans features include:


- Large usage quotas

- Use your own OpenAI keys

- Custom designs and themes

- Prompt Engineering

- Own AI Models based on large data sets

- Detailed Analytics

- Leads Integrations

and more...

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