Technology Partners

We take great pride in our strategic alliances that help us deliver a superior chatbot experience built on the foundation of OpenAI's advanced technology. Our network of partners comprises various tech companies, developers, and organizations that contribute towards enhancing the functionality of our platform.

As a partner, you are entitled to a host of exclusive benefits that provide you with extensive flexibility and customization options for deploying the most engaging and effective AI chatbots.


Partner Benefits:

Personalized Branding:

You can brand your chatbot as per your preferences. The ability to change logos ensures that your bot seamlessly fits into your brand image.

Custom Themes:

Our partners can customize the chatbot interface's theme to match their brand's aesthetics, ensuring a consistent user experience across all platforms.

Dedicated OpenAI API Key:

As a partner, you have the liberty to use your OpenAI API key. This provides you with direct control over the usage and billing of the API requests made by your bot.

Customize 'Powered By' Message:

You can change the default 'Powered By' message to display a text that aligns better with your brand, improving the authenticity of your bot.

Flat Fee Per Bot:

When you use your API key, you can establish a set flat fee per bot. This provides more control over your pricing structure and cost management.

Own Branding:

Enjoy the freedom to create your unique chatbot, right from branding to customization, ensuring it perfectly reflects your brand persona.

Become a Partner

If you're looking to customize your very own AI chatbot, join hands with us! Become a part of the partners network and enhance your customers' experience with personalized, intelligent, and interactive chatbots. Let's redefine the digital customer experience together.


For more details on how to become a partner, please reach out to our Enterprise team here.


Join us today and get ready to redefine what's possible with AI chatbots!